Brunello now has its own ‘Temple’

di redazione

Inauguration of the structure that will allow tourists to immerse themselves in the excellence of one of the iconic territories of Italian wine.

Last Friday, in the monumental complex of Sant’Agostino in Montalcino, the Brunello Temple was inaugurated, an immersive and emotional journey to discover the famous Tuscan red. The goal is to make Montalcino known, through a complete experience that opens up from Brunello to millenary history, archeology, artistic heritage, landscape and the promotion of the other precious products of this land.

After a year and a half of pandemic in which our energies were concentrated in supporting the community – says the mayor of Montalcino Silvio Franceschelliwe also looked to the future and this project is new life blood for us. Montalcino wants to be reborn, now is the time”.

We are convinced that the journey of wine does not end in a glass – continues the president of the Brunello di Montalcino Consortium Fabrizio Bindoccibut it is increasingly a phenomenon of importance also from a cultural point of view. This project makes us enthusiastic because the Temple of Brunello is not only a modern and interactive museum, but also a profoundly representative experience of its territory that will give added value to the promotional activity that the Consortium already carries out for the whole socio-economic system of Montalcino“.