A mega wind farm threatens the D.O.P. of Primitivo

di Andrea Guolo

The Primitivo di Manduria consortium against the installation of blades for the production of energy

41 wind turbines that could be positioned in the provinces of Taranto and Brindisi, the territory of the Primitivo di Manduria D.O.P. The “threat” comes from two projects, one called “Contrada Sparpagliata, Donne Masi and Tostini” which includes 19 wind turbines to be built in the municipalities of Erchie (BR), Torre Santa Susanna (BR), Manduria (TA) and Avetrana (TA ) and the other called “Sava-Maruggio” which will affect the territories of the municipalities of Manduria (TA), Sava (TA), Maruggio (TA), Torricella (TA) and Erchie (BR) and which includes 22 wind turbines.

The consortium for the protection of Primitivo di Manduria took a stand against the projects, inviting representatives of the municipalities of the production area and the Puglia Region to reject the possibility of installing this mega wind farm.

The institutional table has been held on Tuesday 21 December and the following intervened: Francesco Filograno, president of the Consorzio di Tutela del Primitivo di Manduria, Gregorio Pecoraro, mayor of Manduria, Dario Iaia, mayor of Sava and the regional councilor for Agriculture Donato Pentassuglia (remotely attended for institutional commitments already made). On this occasion, there was a joint stance in favor of a territory such as that of Primitivo di Manduria where the bond with the world of wine is indissoluble and where the D.O.P, in recent decades, has gained important market shares, conquering the palate of international wine lovers.

Our viticulture must be protected in every way and cannot be endangered by investments that are badly reconciled with a territory that makes the wine heritage its main strength” declared the president of the consortium for the protection of Primitivo di Manduria, Francesco Filograno. Adding that: “It is not difficult to imagine what the negative effects may be on a landscape that has always been characterized by the preponderant presence of vineyards. I would like to emphasize that this is not a battle against alternative energy sources but an attempt to preserve an area that makes viticulture and wine tourism one of the reference sectors of its economy“.

To the opposition of the president of the consortium is added that of the mayors of Manduria, Gregorio Pecoraro, and of Sava, Dario Iaia. In the same way, the Councilor for Agriculture of the Puglia Region, Donato Pentassuglia, said: “We are against the authorization of further installations of renewable energy, especially when they disfigure the territory of one of the Apulian wines, our most famous in the world. In January I will convene a further meeting with the Agricultural Policy and Ecological Transition Commission to discuss the issue“.