Prosecco consortium and Ryanair together to relaunch Treviso

di redazione

Four months of promotional campaign to support international tourist flows to the Venetian city.

Municipality of Treviso, Ryanair and Consorzio Prosecco Doc are together in a campaign for the economic, tourist and commercial revitalization of the territory. The project intends to support the recovery phase of tourist flows and the reopening through a communication and marketing plan capable of attracting visitors from all over Europe to the city.

The project, which will go on until next November and will involve eleven countries, is focused on the promotion of monuments, food and wine excellences and opportunities offered by Treviso. Users will be reached through “calls to action”, contents, e-mails and links to pages dedicated to the destination, including articles and travel tips on the “Try Somewhere New” platform, press releases and sharing on social channels. Thanks to Ryanair’s channels, it will be possible to stimulate demand and bookings by promoting the destination and the experiences available in Treviso and its province to a wide and extremely travel-friendly public.

Luca Giavi, director of the Prosecco Doc Consortium, says: “We have always, and in various forms, been close to our territory and we believe in the enormous potential that it can still express also on the tourism front. Treviso is an ideal destination for refined and advanced tourism, in search of artistic beauties and authentic food and wine treasures of which our territory has become the interpreter. With this initiative, a further step is taken in the collaboration process that has been underway for some time between the Municipal Administration of Treviso and the Consortium for the protection of Prosecco DOC. A path that we trust will lead Treviso to become the tourist hub of our denomination, the center of gravity of a system capable of connecting all nine of our provinces, from the Dolomites to the Upper Adriatic, from the Karst to the Euganean Hills“.