Banfi reveals vineyards and cellars through augmented reality systems

di Giambattista Marchetto

The Montalcino winery launches the Banfi Experience app, which offers an immersive virtual experience.

An immersive virtual experience in the entire Banfi world thanks to augmented reality. This is the new proposal from the Montalcino winery, which allows you to put the entire company experience within reach of your smartphone, breaking down the distances with your customers who will be able to visit the vineyards and the cellar from home. Through an app – the Banfi Experience – the user can be involved in a journey that goes from the vineyards to the cellar, to the harvest and sorting of grapes. This is possible both with the simple use of the smartphone and with the specific cardboard, thanks to which the moment will be even more real.

Finally, to make the Banfi Experience more complete, the app allows direct access to the Spotify playlist “Play the Banfi Experience”. The same experiences will also be available to visitors to the estate through a tour that combines the real experience, enriching it with virtual content. “We are particularly proud of this project, which will allow you to experience the world of wine at 360 degrees throughout the year“, remarks Rodolfo Maralli, Banfi’s sales and marketing director.